Since the EconomySMP server is dead from the day we announced the server re-development, the server will not be re-opened with its original state . Threrfore, this page will only be a time capsule for this server

The Economy Survival [1] server (EcoSMP as referred to the internal unique server identifier) is a newly introduced server, collaborating mod packs with vanilla minecraft. (It sounds strange, but it really is)

It is created as a “replacement” server of the old original faction-survival server. The Economy Survival server as it name said. It emphasises active economic activity between players instead of the server-controlled economy.

[1]EconomySMP is referred as EcoSMP in internal network identifier

What is this

The EconomySMP Server was a special “masterpiece” server created by ThisTNTSquid. It features no admin server, many economy functions, realistics and the server mod [*]. It is described as the “player raper” by its creator ThisTNTSquid, and the total development time of this server is currently the longest among the other server.

[*]Server mod refers to Slimefun


  • No Server Shops
  • More economy plugins
  • Custom Items/Recipes
  • Slimefun the vanilla
  • RPG Items (Coming soon)
  • Ranking System (Somehow useless)
  • more useless stuffs…..