Skyblock [1] server is a special type of survival server which requires you to survive and develop on a small floating island which is spawned upon your first join.

This server is an imported server from our partner server HKMCIUS and was managed by ItzJacky (who are developer of this server) as well.

[1]The server is migrated as HKMCIUS is closed down

What is this

SkyBlock is a server created by ItzJacky. Skyblocks is a popular game style, which features islands, Custom Enchants, Economy and much more! Skyblock requires you to have basic survival skills. Whats more fun than building the nicest island and be the No.1 on the LeaderBoard [2] . Conquer the world by building your own EMPIRE ! Join now and play!

[2]LeaderBoard is located at Spawn


  • Shops
  • Custom Enchants
  • Increased Mob Drops
  • Custom Islands Preset
  • Quests
  • Custom Level Calculation
  • more useless stuff…..